TMHunt is a search engine for clothing trademarks.
The database is updated daily with official USPTO records in clothing class (IC 025).

Search Types:

Multi Search: Enter one query per line. Results report either exact matches or partial matches (depending on your selection). Exact-match results refer to trademarks that perfectly match the search query, exactly as entered. Partial-match results refer to trademarks that contain the search query in any position. Max 100 lines for partial matches.

Split Search: Enter one query per line to split it and search for its individual parts. All combinations of adjacent words will be searched, from single words to the whole sentence. Results report exact matches. Max 10 lines and max 256 characters per line.

Wilcard Search: Enter one query per line using an asterisk as a wildcard character, e.g. IN * WE TRUST. Max 100 lines.


Serial: Official serial number assigned by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Status: LIVE or DEAD as reported on the TESS website.

Type: Trademark type, see section below for more details.

Filed on: Date on which the trademark application is filed at the USPTO.

Registered on: Date on which the trademark was registered.

Filters: You can filter results by status (LIVE or DEAD), type ("Text", "Design" or "Typeset") and registration status (registered or not). All the columns are also sortable. Click button "Set to Live&Text" to set filters to Status = LIVE and type = "Text" in one click.

Trademark Types:

Text: Standard character marks without claim to any particular font style, size or color. You are not allowed to use it regardless of the form it appears in.

Design: Designs, drawings and illustrations. Registration of a design mark protects that exact design, which you are not allowed to duplicate. Move the mouse over "Design" to display it.

Typeset: For some applications prior to November 2003. Typesets without the standard character claim status. You are usually allowed to use it as long there is no intent to deceive customers into thinking they're purchasing a product of registrar's brand.


Filed Last Week: Clothing trademark applications filed from last Monday to Sunday.

Registered Last Week: Clothing trademarks registered from last Monday to Sunday.

Published for Opposition: Clothing trademarks currently published for opposition.


Trademarks in DEAD status for more than 5 years are deleted.


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